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Welcome to Harmony Trails, a family friendly Horse back riding place with a variety of trails terrain and views. For first time riders to advanced we select for you the right horse and the trails that will make your experience a great one.

We have about a hundred acres to ride on, forest and fields, and the pace is set depending on your experience level. Safety is the number one priority, so we give you instructions on how to handle your horse before we go on the ride so you will be in complete control.

We are closed till further notice

Thank you for your patronage


1/2+ hour trail ride-$35.00/person
-a scenic ride for those that want a taste of horseback riding

1 hour trail ride- $50.00/person
- a scenic ride with variety of scenery and streams

1 1/2 hour ride - $75.00 /person
- fields streams and panoramic views,

a 10 to 20 minute pre-trail ride lesson is optional but highly recommended

and is an additional $10.00 per person. 

(Pace is determined by confidence and experience levels.)


We are located near the Appalachian Trail, a beautiful place to hike and we have about a hundred acres of land to ride on. When you call we can reccommend places to you where you will be immersed in beauty and the very heart of the Berkshires. At Harmonytrails you have a hands on relationship with the horses and will create a friendship with them that can or will last for years.
contact us by email: www.Harmonytrails@yahoo.com